March 26, 2010

Zero Litter Week in Dimond May 3-8

Zero Litter Week in Dimond May 3-8: the goal of Zero Litter Week May 3-8 is to raise awareness in Dimond of litter and graffiti and encourage residents, merchants, retail property owners and particularly, the youth, to join in our effort.  We have a diligent volunteer team that is on the streets several times a week removing litter, in addition to street sweepers and Civicorps, a city contract that sends in a crew twice a week, funded by the Excess Litter Fee accessed on fast food outlets.  Our volunteer group has been working on litter removal for two years.  We know it is possible to clean Dimond for a day but to keep it clean everyday is another matter.  It takes the combined effort of all entities.

For Zero Litter Week we will be “sending in the clowns” in an effort to reach youth and the community in a creative, non-confrontational way.  We will be contacting local media about Zero Litter Week, the clowns and other activities and hope to get some news coverage.  A sponsorship of $200 will include mention in these press releases, on the 11 x 14”poster and on A-frames in the Dimond community promoting Zero Litter Week. 

For $50 a donor can be listed on the merchant poster which will also be placed in the community kiosk and mention in a sponsor listing in the May issue of METRO.  The $200 level and $50 level are the only two levels of sponsorship available.

We hope to get donations in any amount from residents, merchants, property owners and realtors who feel that our efforts benefit the community.   We appreciate all donations.  The deadline for sponsor contributions (the $200 level or $50 level) is March 31.  There is not a deadline for donations under the $50 level.

Donations can be emailed to Dimond Improvement Association (DIA), PO Box 27355, Oakland, CA 94602.  Write “Zero Litter Week” on checks.

Thank you for your assistance,
Kathleen Russell